Boing-E-Boing and Bomerang

Can you guys help me out with these two tricks ,i know these two are easy but i just can’t do it
The Boing Boing tricks when i do the up-down motion the yoyo kept bouncing out of the strings and sometimes it go sideway instead of foward-backward . And the Boomerang is killing me , the strings burn that is create literally disable my fingers and i can’t practice for like 4-5 hours :’(

Boing e boing.
Try too swing the yoyo back and forward without any mount. It is kind of how you do it. The swing you get wen you go into a split bottom mount is the way you start. then you move your throwhand up. Then you are in the mount that you do the boing e boing in.

So like I said its the swing that you get that’s the start for boing e boing. Then you take your throwhand up. Then you take the throwhand up and down each time the yoyo tuch the string.

And just practice it can take 6 minutes up to like 6 months.

Hope you get it


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If their are something else ask in pm

thxs for advices i think i get it , i’ll practice that tomorrow , still got string burns from the boomerang . what about the Boomerang , you got any tips to reduced the string burns :?

oh yeah btw , i mastered the matrix tricks but since i can’t make the yoyo sleep long enough i can only do it like 1-2 rotation :confused:

what yoyo do you have?

the only way to reduce string burn is to use gloves. But wen I started yoyoing I had string burns me too. But now I just get them in sky bind and Chinese pops

another thing that helped me with Boing e Boing was once I could get the back and forth motion to turn myself slightly off perpendicular so there was a bit of an angle between me and the yoyo about 70 degrees or so if that makes sense… :slight_smile:


Yeah i does rotate my body but so far i still practicing it so it’ll take me a longggggggggg time be4 i can do the Boing e boing , it took me 1 full week to do the Double or Nothing and Trapeze :’(

You have to lern some things. Then it getting easier

Okay I’d tried it with my little brothers ONE I did 15. So it’s just throw harder and then lern dubble or nothing so you can do it at least 9/10 times without problem. And throw hard and just try.
You can do it

yeah , i’ll try that , and i nailed Double Or Nothing every time :smiley: also trapeze ^^, so now just practice practice practice :wink:


For boomerang, string burn is inevitable so you have two options:

  1. wear gloves
  2. don’t worry about it and you’ll eventually get calluses and it won’t be a problem
    I remember that trick hurts really really bad on uncallussed hands but the more you do it (within reason, don’t do it so much that it disables your hands or causes them to bleed or something) the easier and less painful it is. Also, if you are having a hard time with boomerang, just think of it as a frontstyle eli hop because that’s what it is basically. Another thing, start small. Do small bounces out and in. Once you get comfortable with that do bigger ones. Hope this helps!

Thxs, that helps out alots . Right now i can feel the calluses on my TH as i type :slight_smile: but can’t feel the FH though so i thinks i’ll do other things to make the calluses grow faster :slight_smile:

Boomerang wasn’t worth the string burn to learn in my opinion.

i finally figured it out why i can’t do the Bong-e-Boing , when Andre do the up and down motion , he has his TH moveing freely while i has my TH albow bush in my stomach , that obstruct me from moving my TH freely , that’s the reason why i can’t do it moving foward backward , i dunno how you guys do it but that’s is my theory :-\ . Hope is stick :-X

YESSSS, i finally done the Boing-e Boing , although i still missed alots and can’t bounce the yoyo strong enough but at least i’ve figured it out the principles of the tricks :). Practice till succeed :wink: