The bmv2 comes out tomorrow! Who wants one!

Already have one!

First of a few pictures. Got it at CalStates. This is NOTHING like the original Bvm!



I want one, but I’m going to wait until different colors are available.

Do I want one? Yes. do I have the means to get one? Unfortunately not. I’ll just have to be happy with my FG Avalanche when it arrives (and I’m sure I will).


How much are they?

I have one its amazing I like it better then My summit

$135 and yes, I am getting one tomorrow…Purple one!

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to just have $135 dollars lying around to throw at a new yoyo.

Ooh. Now I want one:P

exactly how i feel… the only way i get new throws is begging my parents or waiting till Christmas and my birthday…

once you’re 16, get whatever terrible job you can find, and get yourself some throws. I only get paid like ~60 a month, but it gets me what I need.

Remember that, althought this is a TOY and we PLAY with it, some of us have to pay rent, bills, etc. and have a wife, kids, and that jazz. 135 bucks is not a lot compared to what I spend in a month on bills, rent and living expenses, and sometimes it’s awesome to be able to escape all that REAL WORLD stuff, no matter the price. I spend 1300 a month just to live and eat.

Remember that some people that frequent the forum are older than you may think. I am 29, and I feel that I am in the middle.

For some, this is just a hobby, but for some it’s more…

Even those of us with decent jobs don’t sneeze at $135, so it’s not “money laying around to throw at a yoyo.” I budget my “frivolous” money accordingly (and since I have enough yoyos to learn any trick out there, new ones are indeed frivolous!), so it’s definitely a weighted decision to save and then spend the $135.

I agree that it’s at least nice to have that option, as an adult with a job. Not trying to diminish how it feels to be at the mercy of a parent’s allowance. :wink:

Lol I usually have to work for it and Im in school as well so I try and save my school loan money as well as paychecks and I also have an extensive sneakercollection that I sometimes dig into to sell on ebay when I really really cant pass something up haha I also sold my yeezy 2s the other day. Not sure if you know what those are but to a sneaker head theyre highly sought after. Ive actually stopped buying sneakers and make money selling sneakers now and thats how I can buy yoyos as well as trying to save thru work and school. I have to choose wisely cause I cant have them all. i also trade often

I don’t get allowance my mom tells me I’m 14 so I need to find a way to make my own money -_-

If you work full time, throwing $135 at your self allowance of one yoyo a month is a pretty small expenditure.

It also helps to live at home while going to school part time. That I am very thankful for.

But to answer the post I don’t plan on getting a BvM 2. A friend of mine at our club has one. I’d say Pretty awesome!!

Well…back in my day the work laws were that you had to be 15 and a half with a work permit from your school. If you can do some research and find out that you’re not the legal age to work in your state, then that may convince her to give you allowance. Otherwise, sell rocks :wink:

Mow lawns. Faster, and you make more. Plus, its almost the time of year when grass grows the fastest, so you can make a lot of money.