John Ando Superstar

Coming soon to YoyoExpert!

Whoa! Thats pretty sick!

Man, thats tight. ;D

I want one…

will those be the only two?


are them heavier then the regular ones
like mutant

I was just saving up for a SuperStar.
Will these cost any more than a regular SuperStar? (I think they would, but I might be incorrect.)

Oh jebus, that would suck. They are fine the way they are.
Looks great!
Nothing id pay for (Im broke), but i still want it.

Woah. Thats sick.

I’m pretty sure they will (since it is in the special edition box).

I was courious since the team editions didn’t cost more.



Happy Throwing! =]


more maybe like how the splash 888s and ocho8ochos cost more than the regular 888s. But not uber significantly.

These splashes are really splashing on every splashing good yoyo on the splasing market. Why on earth are splashes selling so splashing good?

lol :smiley: