Bleeding and yoyoing.


Just wondering has anybodybody practiced SO hard that theyre fingers actually bled? This has only happened to me once and it was when I was making a pretty complicated combo with a lot of string segments so I think that must’ve caused it. Just curious! :wink:


Not bled, but I did throw my back out.

(Owen) #3

i stop when i lacerate my fingers via string burn. ive never bled from yoyoing before though because my fingers are pretty calloused from yoyoing already and are thus very tough.

(Yiyang Wang) #4

Hiroyuki Suzuki string burned his finger to the point of bleeding on a Korean tv show. You must be good. :smiley:


I’ve hit myself between the eyes causing a cut after a bad bind.

I get some string burn on my offhand index finger


i was doing 5a and my counterweight was a pretty sharp dice and the counterweight hited my elbow pretty hard and i bled during a second after it stop


I’ve ripped the callus off my finger a few times causing it to bleed, but that’s about it

(velez_adrian) #8

I’ve gotten cut on my knee by a really dull piece of wood, but never cut myself with a string. My skins came off once and an opening in my finger but it never bled


“Finger, meet sides of uncapped ringmaster”; five minutes later “Finger, meet band aid.”


Nope, but had some pretty bad string burn which hurts a lot