Anybody still watch it? I’m around episode 80.

Heard about it a long time ago but just started watching it a couple of days ago.

It’s SOOOO long… like One Piece… I’ve lost track of where I was (in the two-hundreds), but I picked it up again in the three-hundreds somewhere and didn’t feel like I had missed much. :wink: Which in turn made me wonder if it’s worth watching still…!

I heard it gets a little less good, but I’ll see for myself. ;D

Wow… really? Dead already. Every thread I touch dies sometimes, you know?

SPOILER ALERT:(Highlight to see)Ichigo is part Quincy, his mom was a Qunicy Unohana is the first Kenpachi, Yamamoto is killed by a Quincy, Ichigo’s dad is a Shinigami, and Aizen was the main enemy before the time, Ichigo loses his powers after using the Final Getsuga Tenshou to beat Aizen, but later gets them back as a full bringer(people who have hollow like abilities), gets his full bring powers taken away by the enemy, then gets his shinigami powers back.

Yes, that ruined it all for me.

I didn’t watch the last couple story arcs in the anime, but I’ve been reading the manga still.

There are large chunks of the anime that you can skip without missing anything. The filler arcs only ever have a minor lasting impact on the story afterwards, because the story then has to pick back up with the manga, which never included the fillers. So pretty much any of the filler material can be skipped without missing much. Some of the fillers are pretty terrible, but at least the worst of them are one-shot episodes and not drawn out arcs.

I think the manga is overall much stronger, for various reasons: no fillers; Kubo’s art is better than the animation; even some of the canon anime episodes feel a little padded/the manga story feels more streamlined; and even though the lasting changes made to accommodate the filler arcs are generally minor, they can get annoying.

Why would you do that?

Because those weren’t exactly the large ones people will remember.

Thank heavens I shielded my eyes before I noticed. phew

Oh yea, why is Soi Fon tan in your pro pic?

I’m around episode 80 so far, and she is probably the character I love the most. I just didn’t want to see any spoilers. That’s all. :slight_smile:

Yea, but she always has bleach white skin in the anime. (See what I did there ;D )


In case anyone did manage to not read those the first time, don’t, because this is not true.


because shipping…

And also, it might be best to cover spoilers for people. :wink:

Hey, I said “SPOILER ALERT” :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but I suggest putting some space between the actual spoiler alert and the actual spoiler, so people can have less of a chance to see it. :wink:

Another courtesy if you want to discuss spoilers would be to change the font colour to white using the [ color=white ] tag so that someone has to highlight it to read it easily. For example:

Spoiler (Episode 307):

Also, if you quote a white-text spoiler, it would also be good to delete the spoilered text from the quote since it will show up against the quoted-text background.

P.S. That is a real (albeit not very specific) spoiler.


Always had a theory ichigo was a Quincy due to his sheets and immense spiritual pressure