I really only use bleach if there’s a really bad stain, it’s not really good for the fabrics.

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I agree that you should skip all the filler it is very weak writing and the animation isn’t at the same level as the rest either. I would recommend to stop watching at the beginning of the fullbringer arc unless you intend to read the manga after the anime ends.

I have a hard time getting into long playing anime like that. I usually prefer a series to be 25 episodes long. 50 is cool as long as it’s really good.

I was able to get through all episodes and OVAs of Rurouni Kenshin… but that is a classic.

The only true long playing show I watch is Gintama. Makes me lol so hard.

I do think it was odd that they chose to animate the fullbringer arc if they weren’t going to carry through to the end of the series. The end of the previous arc in the manga gave the anime a perfect opportunity to use as an ending point, and the fullbringer arc fits more in with what comes after than before. If they do come back with another anime to cover the rest of the manga, like with InuYasha or something, then it would have made a lot more sense to have ended the first anime before that and started off the new one with the fullbringer arc. Plus it eliminates the need for the extra filler arc they put in before the fullbringer arc.

I was pretty disappointed how they adapted the end of the previous arc as well. That part was really well done in the manga, and they basically adapted it into a segue for the filler arc. That was when I stopped watching the anime.

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Keep in mind, the Japanese companies aren’t as concerned about the American market as that’s not their target audience(they mostly don’t give a crap about North America except for the part where it makes them money). They don’t release whole series, stories or story arcs in a timely manner, so it may be done, but they don’t feel like releasing it over here yet.

Deal with it. That’s all I can say.

The anime stopped in Japan.

Actually the Japanese companies are very concerned with the North American market. Considering the national view the Japanese have on the otaku culture the companies in Akihabara are always looking to expand their reach. That’s why so many titles of shows are in Romaji to attract Americans. Then there is all the American words and slang their characters like to use. With the exception of big studios like Ghibli a lot of projects are small and need to have done well in the manga industry in order to even be considered for a anime. Even then most budgets are very modest and don’t give them much wiggle room to sell overseas and still make a profit. For many it’s hard just to get into the manga industry and they have to become popular through events like Comiket.

As far as releasing materials in a timely manner in the case of Bleach Tite kubo couldn’t keep up with writing the manga and their were forced to make the filler seasons. The anime ended mostly because the writing went off the rails and has been losing fans steadily. The manga continues on though.

Great. 15 more years of kidney-stone passing screaming for voice-over actors.

I’ll preface my next statement by saying this is probably the most highly contested subject of anime. However I would recommend to anyone interested in anime to not watch dubbed anime. Sure it’s a pain to read subtitles all the time but Japanese doesn’t translate to English well so you are missing out on a lot.

Many phrases have dual meaning which can’t be conveyed in a dub and inversely conversational Japanese leaves out as many words as possible. If you are holding a toothbrush and you are talking about it they won’t say toothbrush they’ll just refer to it. Making dubbing hard and sometimes inaccurate.

on the other side be careful about where you get your subs from fan translated subs can be very limited by the translators skill and can leave out just as much as the dub if they aren’t well versed in regional sayings and proverbs and the like.

Dubs… subs… you’re always going to lose the subtle meaning of language in translation, so it doesn’t matter much.

Culture is contained in a language, though… given the choice, I prefer subs (even fan subs).

agreed I thought I would add in the note about fansubs because of some of them being pretty horrible. I do have to applaud sites like crunchyroll they have a very good subs team.

Crunchyroll for the win!

It’s my go to place for streaming anime.

My favorite way to do spoilers.
I have yet to play Double Spoiler so don’t spoil it please.

Watched 360 episodes, 6 more to go.

The anime is not as good as the Manga imo
Considering the manga is still going on!

I watched it, but honestly after like 200 episodes, every fight is boring and predictable. Por ejemplo, Ichigo gets the crap beaten out of him, ichigo gives up, ichigo gets wither saved or hollow ichigo just tells him that he’ll take over his body, that super cool song with the flutes comes on in the background (DANA DANANA NANA!) choose scream from list “GESTUGA TENSHOU” “RUKIA” “NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

I’m watching Little Busters atm, and I teared up, when the girl starts crying over her brother (just watch it), they were manly, loving tears…

Studio Key must be a sad sad building in Akihabara. Everything they write makes me want to cry. I can only imagine everyone in the office walking around with kleenex and random outbursts of pain are acceptable.

That’s what I use, but my internet isn’t good enough for streaming anime. :-\