Any bleach fans?


I was simply curious if any yo-yoers were into anime. If not bleach, then what anime do you like?


Just got re-caught up on Bleach the other day. Do you watch in english or in subtitles?


I watch in subtitles because thats all i can find. I also read the manga. Do you know where to find the english anime?


I like Bleach as well as Full Metal Alchemist and (older) Gost in the Shell. Just search on google to watch the english versions, I fould alot of sites and downloaded them…I can’t remember the names of the sites but I know that I google searched it.


I love FMA too! I recently got the pocketwatch Ed has.


Yeah, english versions are all over the web, but they’re usually not as far ahead as the subtitles are. I stopped watching Bleach and Naruto in English a long time ago because I ran out of patience. I also watched the FMA and FMA:brotherhood series’.

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I used to watch Naruto ,but other than that I watch random stuff in the middle of the night.


I used to get the dragon ball z manga at the library. Now I will pitch them up at Barnes and noble and read them a little. I used to watch the dragon ball show but we just got rid of our cable. Other than that I don’t really read any other manga.


HECK YES! I mostly like watching bleach in English dub! and i watch naruto sub and DBz and a bunch of other stuff! ;D


I’m actually reading vol. one of the manga. I was waiting for dbz 26/ naruto 5 at my school library and got bored of having no book so I checked it out. It is actually pretty good.
For anime I watched beyblade bakuten shoot when I was little.


I remember beyblade. I also used to watch yugioh(hope i spelled that right)


I used to watch some anime, but now I just read the manga. I have 1-8 for FMA, 1-7 of Bleach, 1-3 One Piece, 1-26 Naruto, some assorted Pokemon ones, 1 Black Butler, and 1-13 Deathnote. I used to watch Naruto, One Piece, and Yugioh alot when I was younger. I absolutely love Deathnote, and what I’ve read of black butler so far. :slight_smile:


I do sound at an anime convention twice a year. Since we’re talking Bleach, I know Johnny Yong Bosch(voice of Ichigo) and have mixed his band multiple times(Eyeshine, check them out). Let me say this:
VERY cool guy, very good band. Then again, going with the voice actors, I think only one had a bit of an attitude, but I think it was because he had something bad happen earlier in the day that set him off wrong. He did what he was there for, but really didn’t seem to want to be there. Just rumors I overheard and I won’t mention names.

I’m not into anime. It’s just a job doing those shows. The promoter keeps me coming back because I get to mix bands each show, because I don’t really care for the panels. Oh well, gotta take the good with the bad, right?

So, if you’re in Sacramento, check out SacAnime:

That’s the show I do twice a year.


I started watching naruto in July this year, about at episode 170 in Shippuden. Much better show then I expected haha.
How can you guys watch shows with english dubbed? Ugh, it totally feels awkward and wrong to me. heh.


I don’t know. How can you watch shows with poorly done English subtitles?

The shows are animated to Japanese, not English, and as such, there are language differences that unfortunately require voice actors to work within the confines of what they are given. Considering most of this stuff is “factory turn and burn” stuff anyways, there’s lots of corners cut all over the place just to make deadlines and speed work flow.


What I hate is when they make a character sound way different then they were supposed to.


Then go blame the voice over director and producer. They are the ones choosing the talent for the characters.

Japanese does not sound like English .The flow is very different. Even a Japanese person speaking English will not sound correct. This is more of a matter of your perspective and expectations are not aligning with what the reality of the situation is.

Next time I see Mr. Bosch, I’m going to ask him “does he have first hand experience with the kidney-stone passing type screaming that seems to be so predominate in almost all anime?” I can’t ask him about fight sequences. I mean, you go “monologue” out what you’re gonna do, don’t be surprised when it gets blocked!

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My cousin has netflix ,so I wached the first ten episodes so far.


Studio42, I mean when someone is supposed to be from russia but they sound British.


It depends. In Naruto, the english voices are poorly done I think. The situations and characters in Naruto lend themselves more to the shouting and such, and I think when you try to get the same attitude in English it sounds a little off.

In Bleach on the other hand, I really liked watching it in English, I just couldn’t wait for the episodes to come out any longer. The subtitles are also enjoyable though, and I like being able to pick up a word or two of Japanese from every episode, lol.

Most common saying in Bleach, without a doubt: “Ikuzo, Ichigo!”
Literally like 5-10 times an episode, someone says ‘let’s go.’