15 years of Glorious Naruto, dattebayo!!!!

The Naruto manga series has finally come to a conclusion after 15 glorious years of publication. I’ve followed the story growing up and hold it close to me as one of my favorite manga/anime/story in my life.

At least there will be a third part of the naruto manga that will be written to wrap up the story.

Believe it!!

its been way too long sinc ei used to sit in stores on the floor reading mangas…thats a extremly long story even for the series of the anime that have been spewe out consistently they lost me on that aloooong time ago but the manga s were always better anyways to pretty much any anime like a book to a move "the book was better’ is the words to utter.but hats pretty darn cooll i had no idea that they were still producing naruto manga, i was a huge con kid growing up,tons and tons of friends that were in deep in anime, i was always a gamer and a manga reader X_X im not old, but that makes me feel all nostalgic XD

As an avid Naruto fan that has followed it for around 7-8 years, I have to say that I was pretty dissapointed with the ending, both the actual ending and the time-skip.

Personally, the manga sort of died for me when the war-arc started. Everything got a bit lost and frantic, and it seemed from that point that Kishi didn’t really know what he was doing. After that many years you expect a satisfying ending and what I felt I got was a rushed clean up job followed by some empty fanservice. :-\

For me the Pain Arc represents the pinnacle of Naruto. I miss those days.

That being said, it still wasn’t as bad as the ending of Hitman:Reborn. :stuck_out_tongue:

          I feel the exact same way. I would call myself a true Naruto fan. Never really gave a negative insight to the anime/manga.