Naruto Shippuden

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When I was younger ,I always watched Tonami on Cartoon Network every Saturday night.It was usually the highlight of my weekend.My favorite was Naruto.I loved that show until Cartoon Network took Tonami off.(which was ,in my opinion ,the worst thing Cartoon Network has ever done)
I watched a little of the Naruto Shippuden series ,but I couldn’t really find the time.

Now recently ,my good friend Micheal wanted to learn how to yoyo ,so I gave him my SPYY Raider and a Phenomism in exchange for some of his anime stuff he accumulated throughout his years in high school.
This anime merchandise included about five wall scrolls ,four Bleach plushies ,and allot of manga.In this huge collection of manga included Naruto ,28 through 45.Of course ,read through all of them in a week and a half or so.I didn’t want to keep buying manga so I decided to watch it online ,but about once in a while ,I spend the night over my cousin’s house ,and I spent all night watching Naruto Shippuden on Hulu. We started watching it at around eight-thirty.My cousin went to sleep at around three ,but I kept watching it until seven-thirty.Right now ,I’m on episode two-hundred five ,and I plan to keep watching it.

Now ,who else here is a fan of the show? any favorite characters or moments? Just dump them all in this thread. :slight_smile:


I’m on episode 285. I constantly rewatch Naruto vs Pain and anything with the Raikage involved.
I started watching it last years summer and I’m glad I found the show.
But I made a mistake; I started watching Shippuden before the original series. I was constantly constructing ideas of WTF everything meant because it seemed so foreign to me. Now that I have everything figured out, I can’t watch the original series because it’s so freaking boring with everyo e being substantially weaker.

And when I wait for a new episode I switch to watching Beelzebub. It’s the funniest show ever.

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I agree that Naruto verses Pain is a very good battle. :smiley:


Tobi is Obito by the way :smiley: And Madara is brought back by Kabuto using Impure World Resurrection. Sasuke also has gotten the Infinite Mangekyou Sharingan.


Tobi is Madara. Obito wouldnt have survived that rock fall. And Kabuto didn’t have the power to resurrect Madara at the time.
Plus, there’s no way Obito could know about all of those Uchiha secrets that Tobi explained to Sasuke.

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Well I was planning to watch that ,but thanks I guess. XD I figured Tobi was Obito the second he looked at Kakashi and said , “I just want to be complete”.


You’re not very far into the series lol

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Okay ,okay. haha Don’t spoil too much. :smiley:


Then why did Tobi have the Madaras Mangekyo Sharingan in the scene where he first revealed himself to Pain?


He didn’t lol, he just said he did.


Not Naruto related, but if you are still interested, Toonami recently went back on the air. The lineup of shows is different from before, but it is still Saturday nights on CN.

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It’s on adult swim though.I’ve tried it ,but the shows it plays now are just too far ahead for me. haha


bestest scenes in the series : After Sasuke kiss Naruto XD

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