Black stripes on metal rims on hitman

Haha i was yoyoing outside on our trampoline and i walked the dog and it left black stripes, pretty sweet since i have a black yoyo! and their temporary too! they look pretty sweet dont they?

so for this mod…walk the dog on the trampoline!!!

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Haha thats real awesome ;D

Thats exactly what I did for my P2!

that looks sweet

Thats awesome!

Dude that is sweet i just did it to mine !! thanks

I once did something like this to my old minimotu.

I did a grind on our white stairs banister and it resulted in some cool white “dots” on the metal rims.

With the metal rims being already tarnished, it created a cool white on black pattern and it looked really cool during play!

And as said before, its temporary!

I just gave it a satin and polish, and it was just like new.

I ended up experimenting with this by getting an old xcon I used to have, and I did a stair rail grind on a blue banister of a local taco bell.

Came out looking pretty cool.

I got some of my friends to go “banister hunting” for other color banisters to try this on, and we found yellow, red, blue, orange (home depot!), black, white, we even found a pink banister that gave my friends hitman a really cool look.

I tried a grind on my 401k on a white banister, and it made it look very cool due to the fact that it was an all metal, the whole yoyo turned a cool spotted white color! :smiley:

Pretty fun!

We should all go “banister hunting” and take pics of our results.
I will go try one now!


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I did this with my BigYo :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should try and grind a trampoline to cover up all the missing paint on my YYE DM :smiley:

LOL! That made me laugh ;D

Don’t try it it wouldn’t be good.
Believe ME :slight_smile: