ok, so i bought a red axiom and i’ve dinged it alot and i was thinking of satining the outer rim to get rid of the dings and is there a way i could anodize it? Or would that require lots of money and lots of equipment?


Unless you know your way around electricity and acid then forget it. Just play it. Eventually you will get more dings.


Try this instead:

(empirestrings) #4

I’m doing a bull run.( get some yoyos anodized) the colors are going to be a aqua and neon green… which would look sick… or u could do the rims ad suggested… each yoyo will cost about 50 bucks to get anod.


ok i need some help i cant seem to get my drill around the hub part of my darm magic, got any tips?


It won’t go around the hub part. It’ll go around the axle. Then you switch the axle to the other side and do the same thing on that other half of the yoyo.

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

You could powder coat it…they sell powder coat kits at auto stores…you just spray it on and bake it in your oven :smiley:


Have you ever played a powder coated yoyo? VIBEY!!!