Black Hops and Spirit Bomb

I always get a extra twisted string(turning into a knot after) after the second pop in the Spirit bomb where you will shoot the yoyo into the triangle.

and in Black Hops I need help chopping the 4th chop. it seems that it doesnt fit or the string lenght is not enough even though i use a really long string

Hey this is just what was posted when I had the same, problem it helped a ton. good luck man and may the yo be with you.

For me, if I do the first pop with my palm facing more or less upwards, the triangle doesn’t need any particular fussing-with. It just stays in the right place. The tip of the thumb should already be more or less in the right spot to be inside the triangle for the second pop.


what about black hops

in black hops i had the same problem
for start use your thumb to make more place for the yoyo

I found when I was learning
Black hops is longer than normal string for yourself helps to give more room for your fingers to move.

Watch the video tutorial that yotricks has. I found that to be the easiest way to get the triangle open when doing the second hop on spirit bomb. Keep us updated.

Black hops came for me with a TON of practice. I spent so much time on it but did not get it until I stopped practicing for a while. Then I tried it one day a few months later and got it. Okay, so now for some tips: when you pop it up, don’t jab your finger into the string; just slowly push your finger into the string so that you have time to land it on to the string. Also, you could practice with a long-ish string.