Black Friday choosing help

Since it is Black Friday, I want to buy a new yoyo. My budget is $65 or less. I like full sized or mid sized, I would like to keep the weight between 65 or 67 grams. I also would like the yoyo to have some float and is a blast to play with.

Thanks in advance

get a shutter and a bearing then you can get 10% off

How does the Shutter play, is it floaty or really solid, does it play fast or a relaxed pace?

I dont own a shutter but I have had the chance to use one on several occasions

and in my opinion it plays fast and is slightly floaty

It plays like a hundread doller throw but its only $45 so its a really good deal in my opinion

The Shutter is solid, only fast if you push it, all around good yoyo but doesn’t stand out in any area.

Anything else? :slight_smile:

rec rev silly goose is nice . $60

very stable

One Drop Rally. I love it and its a steal. Especially with some of the Black Friday sales.

I would like to hold on the Rally, mostly because of the 58 diameter and ‘smaller’ width. How about the Vulto Glitch, how does that play?


considering the ones listed in this store are discounted due to vibe i would just stay away from those .

silly goose or blasted shutter

either or

If your willing to dish out a few more bucks get a c3 capless it is very very very good yoyo and loads of fun

RecRev @, Sine//saw or OG Octave really work well. Silly Goose is really good too, but I prefer the other ones better.

The blasted Shutter.

Rally if you can get it.

The C3 Capless and/or DiBase II.

Is the YYJ Inspire full metal? I just got one and haven’t thrown it yet. I know I’ll like it though.

sOMEThING Firmy or V if you’re into delrin.

Duncan Strix.

YoYofficer Aura.

Werrd Eighty-Six 400. Yes, might be $70. GET IT.

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Oh I forgot about the Capless, that choice looks prime. The Strix also looks like a great choice, but I read on the yoyonews review about it and it said it had a little bit if vibe. I want it to be vibeles. I also would like the throws to be floaty and between fast and relaxed pace. Sorry with all the questions.

Ohh and the Firmy