birthday list.

this thread has two different purposes.purpose#1-please help me decide what to put on my wishlist for my upcoming b-day.purpose#2-tell the people of the forum what is on your b-day list,or just your want are my preferences:i love undersized yoyos(dingo-46mm to beysick-53mm).any width will do.weight will have to be between 60g-70g.any color is fine.price will have to be 100$and under.oh yeah,and it has to be curent metal status is dingo,boss,888x,and lunatic.oh,and i like any if you could kindly help me out,that would be nice.dont forget to say whats on you b-day/want list.thanks.yo-bear. ;D

Well, super star would fit your preferences, but it’s just a liiiiittle bit to big.

my want list:

Big deal
super star
Any Caribou lodge but the campfire.

My birthday list:

My want list:
Wooly Marmot

To address your original question, yo-bear, just go with whichever fits your price range and stands out to you the most.

You could also try to diversify your collection. For example, I have alot of more rounded throws in my collection such as the 888 and Boss, so that was the main reason I decided to try and pursue a more angular shaped throw such as and MVP or c13. Or if you’re comfortable with whatever you’ve already got and you want to stick with it, that’s fine as well. No one knows what you want more than you :wink:

thanks for the suggestions guys.please,keep ‘em comin’

my b-day wish:
y factor

wants list:
every yoyo i dont have

I personally love my DV888. Not sure if it matches the stats, but it’s great.

My want list:

2 Anti-Yo BapeZillas
An Anti-Yo Fluchs
A Buzzon X-Mas edition Element X
A Buzzon Bushido
A Buzzon Blaze
and lastly A Buzzon C-Note