Bird in hand, Chico Ca


Is an amazing store, I met a board mod there today, Dr.yo i think, sorry im forgetful. I tried atleast 12 yoyos and had great service. Ive gotten all my metals from there, except b-grade dv888 and dingo.

I guess what im trying to say is that if you live in california and enjoy road trips definitely stop by this store, even if your not buying anything there a chance you’ll see a pro, I met augie fash. :smiley:

Last thing is the 888 with the LoR writing in it an 09 or 888x?

(Chris Allen) #2

Whats up man. It was cool to run into you today.

And the LoTR 888 is an 09 888

(Justin the JeeJaw) #3

yea… its a great store…
I live in CA!! Why not drive 500 mile to a yoyo store!!!


I HAVE to go next time I go to california. ;D


Yay! I live in California. I’m going to the Nationals, so I’ll buy some stuff from Bird N’ Hand there! Yay! ;D

(SR) #6

I went to Nationals last year and stopped by the store. It’s amazing. I got to try like 20 yoyos.


You too, thanks for answering my question i thought it was 09, just wanted to be sure.