chico CA yoyo store


Hey guys! I’m in Reno NV but on Monday I have to drive to Chico CA for day. I know there’s a yoyo club out there but I wanted to know if there are any toy store or yoyo store with a good inventory of yoyos,strings,pads and what not…a name or a store location or a link to there web page would be awesome.



Wow…Bird in hand is such an awesome store… I felt kinda strange being 29 year old and going into a toy store but man I wish we had something like that in Reno. The staff they have are awesome as well. One girls showed me around let me play one of the for sale yoyo’s. I was in Chico for work but I will be headed back on a day off to check the place out on a Saturday. You guys in Chico are vary lucky.