stores in cali

Hey all i live in bakersfield california. I used to live in chico. So i was able to go to bird in hand regularly. Now i want to find a stire that carries yoyos taht is near bakersfield if anybody knows of any. Thanks yall

Hey man ;D welcome to Bakersfield. I live here too, but so far I haven’t seen any in the kern county district. I’ll I know it that Toysrus and Sports chalet carry decent yoyos. A well known member on the forums lives here too, SR. Ask him if he knows any decent stores.

I never thaughtbof going either place. What do they carry. Im also trying to find other throwers here

I"m doing sound for the band and late night EDM event at BAK-Anime in Bakersfield on November 2nd.

If Sports Chalet and TRU are the only places that carry yoyos, I won’t need to spend extra time in the area!

I don’t think a trip to Redondo Beach would be a good trip unless you want to blow a whole day on it. I may swing by there later in November, but probably not. I’ve cancelled the annual trip to Disneyland this year due to issues of “Behavioral Adjustments”.

Just order from the regular yoyo stores. Save yourself the frustration and gas money.

I do order online. But thats not the point of going to a stire the point of going to a store is to check them out in hand. I like to travel and thats why asked if anybody knows. I have family that lives in la and in long beach. I have family that lives in pismo and morrow bay. Plus just people that throw

Welcome to this boring town ;D anyways yea not much of yoyo’s going around here sports and toys are the only places with decent throws but nothing you prob want think best yoyo at sports is GM but iv’e always wanted a yoyo club here in town but never had time or enough people to do it so good lucck and stick to online stores ;D