Binding Troubleshooting

Hi all – sorry for so many posts about how I suck with my tricks, but you are my go-to people for problems. I am learning all of this by myself and it is great to have a group to go to to get help. You have all been great!

Anyway, I am learning a front mount bind and it seems that almost everytime the yoyo comes back, I am left with a tail. In other words, a loop of string is sticking out of the coil of string in the middle of the yoyo. I’ve tried different things like making a smaller loop on the bind (duh!) and pulling my throw hand harder on the return. Nothing really works well.

Any tips?


Same thing happen to me. I thought it was suppose to be like that. lol

HaHa – I am starting to think so too! Every once in a while I do get it right, though.

When I do a front bind, I tend to throw the loop down and over the yoyo while pulling (almost like wrapping around the yoyo, but releasing). I occasionally get a tail, but not too often.

I’ll try to explain further if this is unclear, but I don’t want to get convoluted.

The answer is actually pretty simple. Just use a smaller loop when you bind. Not dramatically smaller, but just test out how little you need to use before you find your perfect binding length :slight_smile:


Thanks. Problem is that is seems like when I make a small loop, somehow it gets bigger by the tim eit winds up. Like the yoyo slips or something…

it really wont mess with the yoyo. it should be fine if you have a loop.

keep it spinning

Some binds just tend to leave a tail after you do them. That’s caused by the spinning direction of the yo-yo. If you make a bind from a braintwister mount, it doesn’t come back as smoothly as from the other side and often leaves a tail. If you want to get rid of the tail, simply learn to do bind from the ‘reverse’ side. It’s harder at first, but in the end it’s much smoother way to return the yo-yo than from front mount/braintwister mount.

When I bind, I start the yoyo at my throwhand, and then let it slide down the string. by the time it gets to the bottom, it binds without the extra loop.

Wait, what mount are you binding from? ???

I had the same problem too, until I took Samad’s advice and made a smaller loop and now I’m good to go! Thanks Samad!

Haha, no problem. Glad I could help :smiley:

Have Fun Throwing,