Binding PGM Conflict..

Okay, so up until a day or two ago, my PGM (stock) was completely fine aside from an axle issue,which is fixed from an axle replacement (Yay wasn’t the hub that was broke), after doing a break away (right handed so it goes to the right) and into a Double of Nothing, I bind it back to my hand, but the string catches and goes reverse bind (I have to turn the yo 180 degrees in my hand to throw it normally basically). I’ve MS Paint Thinner cleaned the bearings, in a day or two I plan on replacing the K-pads with silicone and I’ve replaced the string with new, which still gives me the same issue. Got a few ideas, which I’ve stated being an issue, replace response, string, and clean bearing, but other than that, no idea. Since I haven’t replaced the response system, I have no idea whether that is the true issue or not, so does anyone have any ideas or even had this problem with any throw before and even know how to possibly fix? I’m 100% sure I’m doing everything correct, since it didn’t start until about two days ago as stated.

Edit: Only does so after attempting Double or Nothing apparently, can throw into a sleeper and bind and it acts normal.

that is completely normal
if you look at the video closely you can see that he turns his hands so the palm of his hand faces up when he binds the yoyo. Your hand is probably facing down. And this should be at the looking for help/recommendation or the general yoyo section