pgm help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hey guys I ust got my pgm today and im having some problems.

first off its not binding very tight or i suck at binding so could i have some tips so the yoyos guaranteed to come up when i bind.

2nd for some reason it isint sleeping long i dont know if its my throw or not but its supposed tto sleep for like a minute and its sleeping for like 20 secs.

I really need help to know weather or not i dhould return it for a DM

also it always goes lopsided.

I’s most likely your throw, and the binding, try to keep it tight.

how do I keep it tight?

As far as your throw goes, it’s going to take some practice.  Make sure you watch the tutorial videos for sleeper and breakaway.  If it’s only sleeping for 30 seconds or so then you’re not throwing quite hard enough or it’s not straight enough (don’t worry, everyone could use a better throw).  Really exaggerate the motions until you get a feel for it.

This is the #1 problem for new yo-yoers and it’s something that will get better and better as you go along, don’t give up!

As far as binding goes, the PGM is an advanced yo-yo and it’s a little more difficult to bind with.  Here is a video to help you with that:

What helped me the most was slowing down and taking the time to understand exactly what was going on when I was doing a bind.  We all have one slip every now and then, just stick with it!

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You said you just got it so you may have to brake in the pads or bearing
I also posted a guide for binding so search it: A Guide to Binding. there’s many videos posted in the guide.

yo thanks jm that helped a lot now im alot more consistan at binding