Binding My Kilter 2

I love my Kilter 2.
It’s a great throw.

But, I’ve noticed that it’s been binding weird lately.
It’s probably just me, but every now and then, it seems to get knotty binds that you have to throw a couple times to get out.

It’s not snaggy, or loose. It’s just the binds are…weird.
I’ll throw it some and see if I can describe it better.

Anyway, my question is has anyone experienced this with grooved bearings?

The main difference between my Kilter 2 and other throws, is the grooved bearing.
Maybe I need to do something different when binding with it? Maybe be more careful or something.

I have a Kilter and don’t have any issues with any bearings.

I’m sure it’s just me.

There’s a chance it has to do with your string. I’ve found that old, dirty strings are more prone to knots or tangles.

You know the string isn’t to banded up, but it is really old.
Maybe the tension from leaving it wound on the yoyo for a long time could do it?

I’ll try a new one and see what happens.

The string doesn’t have much play time on it compared to how far I run them(5 hours?)
But, it has been wound around the yoyo with tension on it for a couple months.

I’ll try out the rest of your suggestions and see if it helps, but right now my Skyva has distracted me :smiley:

I agree it may be your string. I am using some really bitey kitty string on my C3 accelerator and I get the same stuff happening. WHen I use this super old string that is a bit thicker and softer and it doesn’t happen. I need some different string. This kitty stuff burns too. It’s great for whips and slacks though.

Thanks for the help!
I think I sorted it out.
The string helped and also for some reason I think it had to do with my snap starts.
That’s when it mostly did the weirdness.

Same snap start I do with all my other throws, but you know.
Now I’ll just be a little more careful with this one.