bind help!!!!!!!

hey guys when i do the bind I’ve heard you’re supposed to pinch the string but i never do and was wondering if that would make a difference thanks for the help-9ra9

Make a difference in what way? If it’s working for you, don’t bother switching. :wink:

The reason for the pinch is simply this: a bind is created when enough layers of string are fed into the gap to create friction with the response. Pinching ensures that all of the loop starts getting fed into the gap. If you don’t pinch, some of the loop may simply slide around your finger instead of starting to feed into the gap.

You could always just get a repertoire of binds that make it a moot point. No pinch during a suicide bind. :slight_smile:

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Greg stole the words right from my mouth. The way i see it, if u have a slower bind, pinching is probably better, if u bind quicker, its not necessary, but it really doesnt matter. Personally, i did pinch when i started binding, but i stopped after they got better

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