Bimetal or not?

Hey Forum,
Im wondering, is this a bi-metal or not? I assume the inner rings are pressfit, but both parts seem to be aluminum. Im not sure… The yoyo is YYE Searching


From what I’ve understand, bi-metal consist of two different metal materials like stainless steel + 6061 etc. In this case its a monometal since it was made with the same alloy, the inner rings was anodized separately for asthetic purposes and press fitted on the body.

this kind of yoyo is already existed in other models on the market right now like for example yyf damage.

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If the inner ring is 7075 and the body is 6061 it can still be considered a bimetal. I do not know about this particular yoyo though.

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This post reminds me of a g2 jake lets cut a yoyo video I watched the other day on the yyf boost afterburter. It has 6061 body and 6061 rings. Jake’s theory was they used the rings to have the separate anodizing panels or that they had some kinda issue with stainless rims and a bunch of base body cups leftover and decided to use 6061.