With the relase of the space cowboy and everybody talking about the yoyojam patent I wanna know what makes bi-metal YOYOS so good and what are some other bi-metal yoyos out there on the market

Because billybobs

Bi-metals aren’t inherently good just because they are bi-metal. Granted, they can allow for good control over weight distribution due to the use of different density metals, but they still require a good design to make the most of the materials. The God Tricks Trump for instance has steel weight rings yet is easily outperformed by many of my standard aluminium throws.

As an example of a Bi-metal done right, look at the Draupnir:

By using really thin 7075 aluminium walls and steel rings, it is able to put a lot of the weight of the yoyo on the rims whilst keeping the weight low at ~64g. Whilst obviously this is also possible with aluminium (making a light but heavily rim weighted throw), it’s simply a different way of doing it that allows for a good degree of precision and with less of a mass of metal around the rims. The Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper is another good example of a light yoyo that uses steel weight rings to give it the performance of a heavier throw.

As far as ones currently on the market, here’s a few that may or may not still be in stock:

sOMEThING Anglam:

sOMEThING Anglam CC. Edition

Turning Point Isotope 2 Beta

Turning Point Leviathan 4B

Turning Point Isotope

yoyorecreation Laser

Yoyojam Diamondback

Yoyojam Phenom

Yoyojam Karma

Obviously there are many others but these a few to get started. The entire “Sturm Panzer” range is worth checking out since their yoyos are all bi-metal and well received, but they aren’t sold in USA shops unfortunately.

Hope this gives you somewhere to start from. :slight_smile:

Making a yoyo bimetal allows you to use a low density material on the inside in order to get to the outside with as little material as possible and use a high density material on the rims to get as much rim weight as possible without making it huge as the Crucial Jirorian.

Why not plastic on the inside

Good question. Although plastic is a less dense material than aluminum, it is not nearly as strong. This makes it so that you have to use much thicker walls to keep the yoyo from breaking too easily. In the end, the plastic actually ends up being heavier than aluminum. What you need to find is a material that is the least dense for how strong it is. Aluminum seems to be the best solution. More specifically, although I’m not too sure about this, 7075 is better than 6065 in this respect.

Although this might affect the smallest and lightest of yoyos like the leo sniper and TP’s new prototype, very few yoyos with average specs would ever go so far with rim weight that they need to be extra sparing of the material when constructing the body. As a fact Triads rings weigh more than Draupnis and Phenomizms rings weigh more than Phenoms.

You took these yo-yos apart and weighted all rings?

How do you know?