Biggest yoyo lesson you've learned?

Friends don’t let friends drink and throw :face_with_head_bandage:


Better to have few but great yoyos, you would agree to play for next 5 years, instead of having very collection of so so yoyos. Also you cant learn zoning hops combo without htting the head at least once.

From yoyo I learnt that everything can be achieve with practicing (which then I applied in other field of my life like music), if there is an obstacle can be overcome with practice and dedication.

Practice slow to go faster (if you want in the future), give your brain and muscles time to develop muscle memory for tricks and they will come out easier after.

Also to trust a bit more strangers and new people that arrive in life (meeting with players, yoyo trades with people around the world).


“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” -Wyatt Earp

“If you think you Can or Can’t; you’re right” - Boss Baby


Yo-yos are easy to strip and I should be careful when screwing/unscrewing them. Yo-yos are ridiculously amazing now and using a less forgiving yo-yo in the beginning to figure out proper technique will save so much time in the long run.

Make a trick list.

I have a list of all the mounts and combo elements I know alongside a list of all the tricks I like.

Every time I pick up a yoyo, I run through the list at least once before I resort to throwing my favorite combos over and over. I’ve found it helps me keep my skills sharp by practicing everything rather than the same old tricks I would normally throw.

At the end, I also have several tricks in a learning phase. This forces me to put some effort into learning something new every time I play. As soon as I land the trick a few times, I move it to the known section and add a new trick to the learning section.


Biggest lesson I’ve learned is it is safer to invest in yo-yos than bitcoins.

At least if they ‘tank’ you still have yo-yos in your hands.

When Crypto ‘tanks’ you might have a hand fulla something…. But it won’t be yo-yos…


play outside, sunshine and fresh air make everything better (string vis 200% too :slight_smile: )
.edit: unless its windy, then go to the sunniest window in your home


I’ll pass.


I don’t know if this is/was common knowledge, but recently discovered (within the last few years) that by placing your slipknot (knot) on the left side (looking at it perspective) (also I am a righty) - it helps prevent the slip knot loop from turning on you mid trick.

It sounds like a knit-picky thing to do, but from a yo-yo competitors perspective it is a GAME CHANGER LOL

I told my friend Matt Poon about this technique (which he never knew and has been yo-yoing for almost a decade now) and he couldn’t believe the difference it made on the stage. - Before knowing this, a lot of his routines he would have to pause to re-adjust the slipknot loop which doesn’t seem like much, but in a contest, is wasted time. For Example: Matthew Poon - 10th Place - 1A Final - 2020 PNWR - YouTube

His very next contest he took my advice, and won his very first contest ( VA States 2023) Matthew Poon - 1A Final - 1st Place - VA States 2023 - Yoyo Contest Central - YouTube

So basically it was all because of me he won JK LOL - but certainly this little lesson/tip helped hehehe


Ive been putting my string on like that since I was a kid unintentionally, nice to know I’ve been doing it right. I have noticed that I almost never have to readjust the string once its tight

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always having a beater yo-yo so you don’t destroy your really nice ones


If you see a YoYo you like in stock - buy it, don’t wait for something that “may or may not happen” too often times I have waited for “a different color” only to find it was a one and done run.

Not always the case, but had it bite me more than once


I swear I heard that thats the way in some tutorial when starting out, Yotricks maybe. Great tip!

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