Biggest yoyo lesson you've learned?

Friends don’t let friends drink and throw :face_with_head_bandage:


Better to have few but great yoyos, you would agree to play for next 5 years, instead of having very collection of so so yoyos. Also you cant learn zoning hops combo without htting the head at least once.

From yoyo I learnt that everything can be achieve with practicing (which then I applied in other field of my life like music), if there is an obstacle can be overcome with practice and dedication.

Practice slow to go faster (if you want in the future), give your brain and muscles time to develop muscle memory for tricks and they will come out easier after.

Also to trust a bit more strangers and new people that arrive in life (meeting with players, yoyo trades with people around the world).


“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” -Wyatt Earp

“If you think you Can or Can’t; you’re right” - Boss Baby