*BIG SALE* YYF, YYJ, B!ST, Audley, Anti-Yo

So I’ve noticed that I have a lot of yoyos in my collection that aren’t getting thrown as much anymore. Instead of keeping them as paperweights, I decided someone else would most likely want them more. Most have bad bearings, so just keep that in mind. US only please!

priced to ship

pm me for pics or any questions you have about the yoyos

Red Die-Nasty: very smooth and one small mark on the side $7
Red 2010 G5: A lot of white ‘3a marks’ on the side but no dings $38
lime green velocity (v1?): a few black scuffs on the rims. Very smooth $5

blue K-OS: double starburst response, and a few marks $15
blue/brown K-OS extreme. missing one cap, a few scuffs on the rims $15
white spinfactor HG: couple of marks on the rims, dead smooth $5
red zigma blades X2 a few dings on the rims from 3a $20 each. Great for beginning 3a!
2009 worlds new breed: mint and amazing yoyo $23
blue/purple kickside: a few marks in the plastic $5 (I’ll only sell this with another yoyo or as a deal sweetener)
orange hybrid hitman: a few dings and I attempted to satin it which didn’t turn out too bad $20
pink legacy: a few black scuffs but a great throw nonetheless $12
Yellow ST Sunsets: a few 2a scuffs $13 each

B!ST Competizone: a few dings and comes w/ b!st concave bearing $45
pink Audley Butterfly: needs new response but is a great throw to have $7
Anti-Yo Business -Offer-
mostly $$ (paypal) but feel free to offer


more stuff gone