BIG problem

(JackG) #1

ahhhh!!! i got my gmachine axle stuck in my superstar.
the plyers dont work…



How did you get it stuck in your SuperStar?

(Jesse) #3

If you’re using needle nosed plyers use a different kind of plyers. just kind of twist the plyers back and forth until it comes out, if that doesn’t work, then why’d you put your GM axle in a Superstar?

(JackG) #4

well my friends put my gm and my superstar together and called it the grind-star


So let me get this straight, the Grind Machine’s axle got stuck in the SuperStar, but is the the half of the grind machine still on the SuperStar?

(JackG) #6

nope i unsrewed the grind machine and the axle is in the superstar half.


How would the Axle be in the SuperStar if you unscrewed the Gind Machine.

I need some pictures please.

(JackG) #8

cant supply pics sorry…
but the gm axle is slightly larger and is only in the superstar about this far"__"


But how would the Grind Machine half still be on?

I’ll explain my point with pics later, I’m about to go to the beach right now.


The axle came out of the Grind Machine and got stuck in the Superstar.


Okay, he screwed his GM into his Superstar. He unscrewed his GM, and the axle unscrewed in the GM, and stayed in the SS. Get it now?

(JackG) #12

you got it samad


This is probably kind of pointless to say, but try screwing the GM half back on and then unscrewing the Superstar part. It probably won’t make a difference, but I guess it’s worth a shot. Then try to get pliers and pull the axle while twisting. Hope I helped!

(JonasK) #14

This tend to happen a lot when people do these experiments. You should just try get the axle out of there with pliers. You will probably strip the axle and the nut system thingy in the SuperStar, but might be possible to fix with a new axle and some blue threadlock.

(JM) #15

Try this before using pliers:

  1. Grab the following supplies:

    • Loctite or any type of heavy duty threadlocker
    • WD-40
  2. Lightly spray the bottom of the axle that is stuck in the Superstar with WD-40. The point of this is to try and reduce the amount of surface friction between the axle and the yo-yo.

  3. Apply the thread-locker to the top half of the axle (just the tip, where the Grind Machine will be screwed on).

  4. Quickly screw the Grind Machine half unto the axle and allow the thread-locker to dry.

  5. Attempt to unscrew the Grind Machine half once the thread-locker has dried.

  6. Disown your friends.

This should create a situation where the force needed to unscrew the axle from the Grind Machine is greater than the force required to unscrew the axle from the Superstar half, thus allowing you to remove the axle from the Superstar.

(Chris Allen) #16

That was EXACTLY what I was going to recommend.

Good on ya


but the hex nut side of the axle in a clamp, tighten it well (it won’t hurt the axle, cause it won’t touch the threads) and turn the superstar. guaranteed to get that nasty axle out.