Bieber grind


enjoy, thought id make a grind out of his peace sign thing…
its very simple really

@jbyoyo: thanks :smiley:


yes it is. notice above it says “its really simple”

@me: i just noticed how strange my breakaway looks… it looks as if im scared and pull away my hand…

That’s actually pretty cool !

Isn’t that simply a finger grind? ???

I think that would be actually cool if you did it in contest and stuff :slight_smile:

If you do that, then hit the yoyo on the slack part of the string, it will bind, and you catch it in between your fingers. I actually thought of doing something like that, but never tried it. It’d be pretty awesome.

I want to vote on changing the name… Maybe just a peace grind… But anywho, cool trick. I like the concept of different grinding tricks. :smiley:

I like to do the same thing but in between my index and thumb.

What up with the name/music?

A video with the word bieber in it playing ke[dollarsign]ha. Am I allowed to go BLEH at this without anyone freaking out?


Fun times. I’ll give you that.

Also, the light you use gives you a nice shadow of your tripod, which you may or may not want to do something with. I’m not going to go much into this as I suck at making videos.

Imma take this, and use it.

Except I’ll go to Chicago and just flash gang signs while I’m doing finger grinds.

sir, you are allowed to go BLEH with everyone joining in :wink:

while i thought that was really clever…


That is genius… I just thought of something… This is the new YYE Gang sign… For serious.

my room unfortunately, has 2 power outlets :(, only allowing for me to put the light there.
i do kinda like the tripod shadow though :stuck_out_tongue:

also, i dont think id get that good ratings if i had used biebers music in it >.<

wow that is very cool

o rly? ya rly

vote for name change to Peace Corp Grind

isnt peace corp a team? im not just gonna give away my trick to a team…

That is the peace corp sign

Are they a team? The peace corps are a nonprofit organztion dedicated to mainting educated, sanitary enviorments, nutrition ect to 3rd world, and war struck countries. I just thought it was a cool dedication to those guys.

oooh… im sorry lol i thought the name was familiar, and whenever i think of a corp i think of a team of some sort. and since we’re on a yoyoing forum, yoyo + team = yoyo team