Bi Metal yoyo recomendation

any good all around bi metal yoyo you like the best? Is there a bi-metal Civility? I couldn’t find pricing and info etc. Is that an older yoyo? anyone tried the UNPRLD X SMTHG “SU1”?

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The su1 is great. It’s SUPER powerful. Great long spinning stable comp Yoyo.

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@KirbyRobot 's aggressor is coming to here to yoyoexpert on the valentines day (14th)

killer bimetal for a killer price


The SU1 is one of my favourite yoyos ever, it can come a bit on the narrow and heavy side and is a monster for tech playing and stability, I enjoy it very much and it does look amazing in opinion, if you have the money for it for sure you will be not disapointed, is a monster in horizontal play as well!


Civility is a slightly older model yoyo although I believe there’s a new version coming…or just arrived.

One of the best bimetals I own that is very available is the C³Yoyodesign Galaxy Diver.

That’s excellent if you’re someone who likes wider yoyos. If you want them more narrow…have a look at the Rain City Skills Deluge…which for sure is not talked about enough.

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I recently got an SU-1 in a trade with Mhoodlum.

He was looking for a Klondike and I had recently read a description for the SU-1.

The Klondike is an Excellent yoyo. But that being said, I have a few Kagerou’s and a few Shades and a Davinci and a few others that play so much alike for me, it’s like having 6 oranges and you just want to see if an orange might be better?

I have zero doubt about Matt liking the Klondike.

And there is less than zero doubt about me liking the SU-1.

In my sleep, I can do tricks that are only possible ‘in my dreams’, lol😂

The SU-1, for me, plays like the yo-yos in my dreams>

But it plays that way when I’m not dreaming. No honeymoon with this one. It is a Beast!


You can’t go wrong with a CLYW Akita

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