Betty Gallegos Chilaquil GT help

wow! thanks for making another vid, it all makes sence now, my mistake was; keeping the strings seperated with my pinky finger and thus making the double wrap, I feel stupid…sorry if I wasted your time with such a simple trick, keep up the YT content!

Thanks! I enjoy helping people. You’re welcome!


@Yo-yoislife Nice helpful vid but no awesome socks? Betty set a precedent! Just sayin. :socks: :socks:

I don’t have any socks like that

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and who am I to imitate Bettie’s style? LOL

You definitly helped me! Your explanation was better then Bettys tut, dont get me wrong shes an awesome pro champ, love her style but her instructional vids could be better, I wouldve liked to hear her explaining what she is doing instead of just showing it.

I feel the same way

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