1a Tutorial - Overly Complicated Triangle

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Oh man, that’s cool. Like, really, really, really, cool. I need to learn that.

I know, right? When I figured it out it was a ‘damn thats a good trick’ moment.

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Hmm, this is turning out to be tricky. When I try to let the loop slide off my hand, it always gets stuck, and then won’t go around the yoyo. Any tips? I’ll probably post a picture later. Oh, school…

Good share! took me about a half hour to land my first one, but now i can get 1 out of 3! :slight_smile: thanks!!

It keeps binding up on me during the first string drop, ill do it the same way every time and itll bind up 9 times then for some reason which ive yet to preceive, that one time its workes perfect and smooth. Drops down low, GT formed, the relese form the throw hand is a non event and it goes perfect.

Im so confused. Sometimes i think my string may be too thick, but then it works and i think ive got it, only to not have it some more haha.

  1. Keep your hands wide apart
  2. Drop one hand, then the other as described in the video
  3. Are you using a Pun? Everything’s easier with a Pun…Lol, I’m kidding.

I’m glad everyone is enjoying the challenge of this trick. Took me forever to get it consistent!

pretty good trick. I had a little trouble with the drop to make a triangle because it would bind back to my hand before I got to pop it out. I made some adjustments and got it down tho. Nice tut.

I figured it out! The whole thing is made a bit easier in my opinion if instead of having the string go around your thumb, wrap it around both wrists. Makes it a bit easier to navigate over the X shape.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial. You did a great job explaining thx again!!!

im still about 1 in 50. everything I try makes it bind on the drop.
Ill try to make a video, cause I seem to be cursed…

Please do make a video, I’ll see if I can figure out what you are doing wrong and help out.

This is a nifty trick, thanks for sharing! Does the mount at the beginning have a name other than a half wrist mount into a double or nothing?

I’m glad you enjoyed it!
I’ve not named it yet, but I’ll either use that or make something up, lol.

I think X mount would be a good name, since it makes that x with the strings.

That works, I’ll have to make up a tutorial for the all new ‘X’ mount!