flowing with 3rd wrist mount-into variation

so when i try to do the third varation to get into the wrist mount, it always comes out awkward. what happens is the part of the triangle connected to my throwhand finger (immediate part) always gets…stuck…what i mean is that the top triangle is so small that i have to struggle to get it around my hand and onto its spot on the wrist mount, making it not flow…any help?

I had this problem too. Instead of just whipping it, try to pinch the string with your index and thumb before whipping, and after you stick your hand in, don’t let go of the pinch. This will make it look weird, but after that, you swing the yoyo around your whole right hand, land from behind, and this will unroll the wrap and land it in a perfect wristmount. Make sure that the string that you’re gonna whip with is not under your palm, an inch or two is okay, but the rest should be above, because you are pinching it, causing the rest to be above. the only string under sbhould be the one attached to your middle finger, and going under your index and through the gap between your thumb and index. Quite hard to explain sorry. Try following what I say, then reply, and I will try getting a video if you can’t get it.

thanks! its fine! ;D