Better Performance: YYF One (With SPEC Bearing installed) or YYF Whip

??? If you were to get one, would you get a YYF One (With SPEC Bearing) or the YYF Whip? Which has better preformance?

Depends what you like or need.

The 2011 ONE is not able to grind, yet the Whip can grind. Advantage: Whip.

If you like the shape, that one takes an advantage of one over the other.

If you like caps, the ONE wins. Whip doesn’t have caps.

I keep my ONE responsive and my WHIP is of course an unresponsive yoyo. Bother are pretty decent for what they cost and perform reasonably well. The biggest problem is they are both so light they often don’t have enough mass to spin long enough for those really complicated tricks so you might find yourself spinning out early on some. The ONE is 56.5 grams and the Whip is 56.2. Hmm, must be due to the plastic caps and pogs. Anyhow, .3 grams won’t make that much of a difference as far as mass for spins.

I have both. Both are decent. It just depends what you’re looking for.

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O.K., “light” doesn’t sound too appetizing to me. Yet the price is right. It’s an option, I suppose. Thanks, Studio42.

Step up the price a bit, step up the performance. The Starbrite I like better than the ONE and WHIP. Right in there is the amazing PSG and Asteroid too, so don’t overlook these, especially the Asteroid. Steppping up more, The Legacy II and Chaser by YYJ. Keep stepping up and you have the Northstar and Protostar. Then you start getting into the price range where full metals become an option as well as YYJ metal/plastics, such as the DM2, dv888, Duncan Raptor, Shinwoo Zen’s and others

A LOT of people swear by the Protostar. I like the Northstar better, it’s heavier and I like heavier.