Best yoyo?

Sup guys I have no idea which yoyo to get next. I want to decide to get either; any CLYW G Squared Quake YYF Shutter Sqaured wheels Rex. Any opinions?

It’s kinda depending on your price range here.

The shutter is a tip notch yoyo from YYF- best YYF in my opinion ever made. It’s $45. Pretty good. Never tried one myself, but supposed to be a great throw. Don’t really have much other to say.

All clyw’s besides fools gold are something above $100. But their yoyos are high quality. Each one is like a beacon, that kinda draws it to you. The Clyw theme is really big. They always create a new yoyo to fit people’s style. But, there are some people who take Clyw to the fanboy level, which is meh to me. FG products are under $100, usually play the same but a bit lighter and may have slight vibe.

The Quake is also above $100, but supposed to be really good. The finish is perfect for grinds and the gap is fantastic. Feels real good in your hand, and spins quite a whole thanks to jake’s genius weight distribution. Works really good with a whipple bearing.

The Rex, it’s in my opinion an okay throw. The small bearing thing just doesn’t suit me personally, neither the finish it how it feels in my hand. Smooth though.

Hope this helped out. ¡Hasta Luego!

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Wait… what?

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Finding the best is not only price but availability. When you do not have an opportunity to see and handle these new yoyo’s you only have these pages to help guide you. As an example, from this forum I am now interested in the Shutter. I never noticed it before.

Yeah how can you know it’s the best just going off popularity? Lol

what clyw would you say is the best?

There are no ‘best’ yoyos. There are throws that will fit your preferences more than others. Price included. Include if you like your throws heavy or on the lighter side. Shape, size, etc. It’s hard to give a solid recommendation without proper knowledge of what you like.

This. Exactly my thoughts.

Well I like undersized yoyos myself do I’d probly go for the quake. It looks the most interesting with the gnarwhal 2 coming in second.

The quake does look interesting. I need to get my hands on one.

Exactly what I thought xD

Heard really good reviews from everyone, should’ve said that instead lol :smiley:

YYF shutter by far mane. by faaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

Shutter all the way its so awesome I got one for Christmas and its an amazing throw

The best yoyo is the one that is in your hands to play with right now.

Furthermore your choices are kind of all over the place so kind of hard to compare them without throwing price into the mix.

I just got my Bonfire today and I really like it. Plays kind of like the Magic N12 but smoother and a little more heft for it’s spin I guess you could say it.

Oh and Yeti’s are coming out soon and they are the recent hot item if you want a good plastic.

Yes. Exactly.