Best yoyo


What do ya’ll think the best yoyo is and what trick do ya’ll think is the coolest


Well I’ll jump on this one as I’m feeling kind of chatty. I can’t say one yoyo is the best especially since right now is probably one of the greatest times to be a yoyoer. It seems every new yoyo I try brings new revelations; however my current rotation is (in order that they sit on my mantle from left to right) M1, MMN, 54, Dang, Chief. I swear I throw more than just One Drop (I do have a CLYW in there) but the Chief/Dang combination is keeping me very happy right now.

Oh and the coolest tricks are suicides.


Best yoyo is entirely preference, same as the coolest trick.


the “best yoyo” is the one best for you I prefere you do yomega brain or yomega period. Because
they are all mostly begginer yoyos.Then when you get into the harder like intermetiate i say somewhere like duncan metal drifter because they are responsive at first but do not take one of the stickers because they are then some what responsive then I would say maybe 50$+ yoyos would be expert :wink:

~ justin