Best Yoyo you Damaged?

Draupnir and Shake ._.
Both with small pinpricks, cannot get over it even though its so minor T_T

I walked the dog with my bsp to the point that the rim was rounded instead of flat


i cant seem to damage any of my metal yoyos. my no jive has seen some **** though.

Must have been one hell of a sparker tho…

Funny part is that’s the reason it was rounded. The gold side sucked so I always tilted it on the silver side. Rounded off the edge because of it.

I’ll assume “best” means “most expensive” in this situation. I’ve worn the ano down on one side of my Schneider MK-II (paid full $190 retail) from finger spinning it mostly on that side. I’ve also pitched it into the ground (only carpet) a few times, put dents in the plastic side caps when I was removing them to allow me to finger spin and teflon taped the axle which puts some people off but makes the yoyo play absolutely perfectly. Nothing that can be felt on the yoyo and nothing that makes it play worse but it sure isn’t new any more.

I’ve walked the dog with $150ish retail YYRs that were already beat

had my gnar 2 in my pocket while hiking…slipped on a rock and landed full force on it in my pocket…cracked the hub. now its super vibey but still works

The best yoyos are damaged yoyos because they get so much love.

I dinged my original grey Duncan Freehand Mg and it was the most painful (and probably most expensive) ding I’ve ever had. It’s also one of the yo-yos I most regret selling, the first being a mint Cold Fusion GT with the tin signed by Hans and Tom Van Dan Elzen. THAT was a mistake I can’t take back.

I keep my yoyo on a holster while I longboard on campus, and have on more than one occasion slipped out and landed on the yoyo while sliding down the street. I have a few yoyos that are a mm or two thinner from grinding down one side like this.

I got a proto Mg that is super jacked up.
Also put a heavy hurtin on about 7, 09’ YYF Severe’s
Been taring into my second Mg, the powder coating is weak as all get out. Each dice strike creates a new chip. This is when it was a few weeks old. by Schnayke, on Flickr

I’ve never damaged a yoyo, I’ve given some major character to some of my yoyos, but I’ve never damaged any :wink:


Usa Hatrick :’(

I wish i had an MG. :-\ Now I can’t.

Walked the dog with a mint Sovereign.

I also tried to light a strike-anywhere match on my Ti Walker (didn’t work :(). It left some marks on it though, haha. I also was sliiiightly inebriated and tried to remove a stuck bearing from it with a sharp knife.

Luckily titanium is pretty tough stuff :wink:

My brand new Valor came out of my pocket accidently and rolled down two flights of concrete stairs.

All I could do was stand at the top of the stairway and watch it make every bounce against sealed concrete. Needless to say it went from “Mint w/Box” to a “Beater” in less than fifteen seconds. :-[

One time I made a bad bind with my canvas and it hit my front tooth, it left a very tiny mark but the sad part was is that I checked my canvas for damage before I examined my own tooth.

I remember this story.

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That must be the worst feeling; just watching your brand new throw get “beat” and not being able to do anything about it :S

Wouldn’t we all :slight_smile:

im just glad i live in an insane asylum and all the walls are padded!