Best yoyo under $100

I have been yo-yoing for 4 years. I have a budget of $100, and I would like to know what the best yoyo to buy would be… I currently have a yyf shutter. I am working on learning speed combos and advanced tricks, and the shutter doesn’t have the speed, the stability, and enough spin time for me… What would be the best yoyo under $100?

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Just about any yo-yo made today in that price range will be plenty I think.

The shutter is as well. I’m not sure a new yo-yo will fix your needs.


Yep, never worked for me. (not trying to kill a sale here… ;))

…Gentry Stein has won the world championships with the Shutter so i don’t think this yoyo has any limit…
however, if you want to have a new yoyo with a value for money my advice is no doubt Yoyomagic Stealth

My opinion is the atlas changed my life lol

There is no such thing as the best yoyo. It is a personal opinion.

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It’s really what you like in a yoyo maybe if you give us what you like in certain Yoyos we can suggest some that have them features

I have been looking at the ND Ultra, the Horizon Ultra, and the Space Crown Ultra.

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The Top Deck and The Edge are both nice yo-yos!

I’m suggesting the Atlas yoyo expensive but worth every penny great grinds, fingerspins, width, spin power,and speed everything about this yoyo made it my favorite you can also trade with people in the forums that has one. I got one by buying it and one from the forums I play with both for 3a it is great for 1a and the best for 5a

Consider the Spin Dynamics Alter Ego. It is on sale right now for $65. It has a strong spin, and a light fast feel. The C3 crown is also good for speed and is a little cheaper at $45. You can’t go wrong with either.

I would suggest the SF Statement it is definitely one of the best yo-yos under 100 dollars, it has the speed stability and power you need. It can handle any trick you could possibly throw at it. It is $90 bit it plays like a 140 dollar yoyo.


If you like wide yoyos, the Galaxy Diver is amazing. For more traditional competition dimensions, I recommend the Grasshopper GTX.

Goodness, I hope he hasn’t been contemplating his purchase for the last two years! Don’t worry, I do this all the time. Don’t pay attention to dates and assume is a recent thread.

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Oh yea, I’ve also heard that UNPRLD is going to release a cool yoyo called the Elevation that will be under 100 :slight_smile: