Best yoyo to learn on??

Hey guys I’ve been having trouble learning new tricks and I need a good yoyo anyways so what is all you guys favorite yoyo for learning new tricks and/or combos? Primarily 1A but I should start learning other divisions too so feel free to post other types too.

It says your favourite yoyo is a Shuttet and if you own a Shutter there is no need to buy a better yoyo if Gentry Stein can win nats with it you should be able to learn tricks on it.

The bebop is a pretty fun yoyo that’s different and is only $70

The level 6, 1st run octave and werrd 86400 are some very different throws as well worth trying out that won’t break the bank

The Shutter is probably one of the best yoyos to learn new tricks on. Plenty stable, spins pretty long and it’s not so expensive that you’d have a heart attack should it pick up a ding or two.

Any amount of extra playability you would get out of a more expensive throw would be minimal at best. Better to just put in some more practice and work on getting nice straight throws.


The best yoyo to learn on is the yoyo you use the most and are most comfortable with using in my opinion.

After I learn the tricks I usually take a Freehand(2 or Zero) and practice them on those, this makes me learn to perform them the smoothest way possible, then I bring them back to my main throw.

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^^^^^ that’s what I like to do. Listen to the man he’s a pro haha

Gsquared triton! So comfortable and really good shape and stability!!