Best Yoyo of 2018?


I don’t know if it’s possible to die laughing?

But if it is; then I’m talking to you guys from beyond the grave.

You would nominate the Mustang as best yoyo of 2018. But you haven’t played with one or seen one.

Would cremation ruin my New Balance tennis shoes?


@Tvelto (who won’t come here no matter how much I beg) has these top 10 12 on tap

Spoiler: lots of 2sick, a bit of OneDrop, a bit of SK… his favorite of 2018 is the Decoy.

(Spinworthy Glen) #45

Why won’t he come here?

(Goodnight Garrett) #46

He fears us


2018 release: G2 Elite 2018 (the yoyo that got me started re-connecting with the community, and the one that triggered my spending spree)

2019 prototype that was released in 2018: G2 Reaper (i believe the production run would be a tad heavier, which is great as that was kinda my feedback as well)


I dunno, maybe someone who knows him more directly can ping him… I love his videos so I hope he would visit here. He has posted here before, but seemed to stop mid-2018.


I would say the yoyoworkshop Cthulhu, but I’m probably biased.


Are you with YYWS?

({John15}) #51

It’s because I’m here. He does not like me


Few things in life are impossible but that’s one of them.

({John15}) #53

No seriously, I don’t think he likes me. I’ve tried to interact with him several times, but he is always short with me or won’t respond. We don’t see eye to eye on some things, so we’re not bros. I’m not a part of his elite throwers clique. Which is sad, because I generally like his content. And metal, I love metal too.


Performance wise: Edge beyond

(Justin ) #55

If you feel comfortable sharing, what exactly don’t you see eye to eye on?

({John15}) #56

Strings and competitions. Mainly those two things.

(Spinworthy Glen) #57

Not liking someone here is a lame reason not to come here.

And ‘elite throwers clique’. That is laughable (ih he considers himself elite). Just because he throws loads of yoyos and reviews them with his fairly average skills, that does not make him elite.

I do appreciate his enthusiasm and his yoyo community contributions though.


Wait, coding does YouTube?

({John15}) #59

I’m only *kind of serious. I doubt he even knows who I am. Someone as well known as him doesn’t have time to engage every person who crosses his path.

I just meant that he is one of the more popular yoyo content producers. He’s kind of famous in the community, one of the ‘elites’

Hey, me too. It’s contagious

(Spinworthy Glen) #60

Sorry, Smiley, I think I came off wrong.

That post wasn’t directed to you, but Tvelto’s attitude.

(ClockMonsterLA) #61

@tvelto will often reply to, or click like on, my occasional comments to his YouTube videos. He always comes across as friendly and responsive to me. :man_shrugging:

({John15}) #62

Ah, gotcha.