Best Yoyo of 2018?

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That’s great man, I’m happy for you

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Pretty sure he doesn’t like me much either. I’ve has some criticisms about his videos in the past.

I was also meant to be giving him some Spinworthy throws for the Fixed Axle February competition, but then after I’d made them he said he didn’t need them anymore. Oh well.

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Oof, that’s cold

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Ah never mind. No worries or hard feelings.

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I didnt bother fixing my log in when the site updated.

Hi, though

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not sure 'bout '18…didn’t buy any yoyos. or in ‘17. however, if we’re talkin’ '16:

gladiator slave by dif-e-yo yoyos

‘before the rest, still the best - dif-e-yo’
‘whenever there’s any doubt, there is no doubt - dif-e-yo’
‘dif-e-yo = no regrets. you can’t even get that guarantee from love’




Unfortunately I had everything sent out by then. I had a ton of stuff going on and I paid to ship everything personally.

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Hi! :grinning:

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No worries at all!



No hard feelings towards anyone at all. I have really enjoyed talking with everyone I’ve come in contact with in this community.

I don’t always have as much time to dedicate to the yoyo community as I’d like. I switched jobs recently and I have a lot more responsibility, which also eats into that. Plus I still need to find time to create content (which I REALLY love doing).

I don’t feel that I’m elite at all. I just like making videos and I’m glad other people like them. I have opinions on things like everyone else. I don’t see myself as a celebrity or anything like that, nor should anyone else. I’m just a guy who likes yoyos and making videos about them.

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No, I totally understand man. You’re a busy guy!

So, does this mean we’re yoyo bros now?


Awesome! Glad to see you here, I love your videos. Even though you cost me so much money with your rave reviews! :rofl:


I get so lost with dates. Did the Harbinger, Quail, Deep State, and Parlay all come out in 2018?

Those are my favorites.


Sure, dude. Come say hi if we cross paths.


? ask @Glenacius_K, Yes, No, No


I fear nothing but fear itself.


Haven’t you seen his channel? If anything, he “beers” us! :grin:


How about most meaningless thread title of 2018?

I would vote for ‘Best yoyo of 2018’.

The answer could be each and almost every single good quality yoyo released in 2018.

Even if we All agreed on who the best player on Earth is. And he got to spend a full day with 40 of the very best yoyos of 2018. Unless he threw every single good quality yoyo released during the year; his final answer would only reflect on the best of the 40 he tried.

…Think of it another way. A guy competes and wins the World yoyo Contest. And he is named Best yoyo player in the World. No doubt whoever wins is obviously an Amazingly good player.

But technically not the Best in the World. More accurately; he would be the best player in his division in the Contest that year. Like it or not; there may be a better player sitting in the audience that just doesn’t compete for whatever reason🤓

…Sometimes things are just not what they seem to be.

Best yoyo of 2018 should actually be more realistic if it was, ‘Best yoyo you have thrown in 2018’.

Very few people on this Forum have owned and/or thrown every excellent yoyo released this year. And the fortunate/lucky/rich or connected players that have thrown a ton of 2018 releases; most likely throw at various skill levels. Or have jaded opinions because they give extra points to whatever their favorite Company is.

The Best yoyo of 2018; is more like asking, ‘What do you think the Best yoyo is’?

I immediately questioned the validity of the topic when I read what one of the guys posted. He said, ‘I haven’t tried one or even seen one but I would say the Mustang is the best yoyo’.

Obviously a number of you guys have stepped up with various thoughts on the Best yoyo of 2018.

And I would bet there is ‘a’ best yoyo of 2018.

But if you read through this thread; you will notice no constant choice being made.

And to better validate your choice for ‘Best’; I think your choice would have more substance if you could name the best 5 2018 yoyos you have personally thrown. And name what you feel is the very best of those 5.

That way others may possibly get a better feel on just how good it might be based on what you compared it to?

Me personally?

Well; I haven’t: seen it, tried it or even know who makes it? But I will also go with the Mustang as best yoyo of 2018.:clown_face:

(Spinworthy Glen) #82

The Harbinger you have (V2) was a 2018 release.