Best Yoyo of 2018?


I nominate the L! (Love that throw)

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

I think my favorite overall is the Smashing x Scales Float, but i also enjoy the YYF ND, 2Sick Promotion, and YYFriends Magpie.


@MarkD not the diffraction?

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

For me it’s the One Drop VTWO. Hands down.

(Francisco) #5

A vote for the CoreCo Parser. I think it slipped under the radar as I didn’t hear a lot of hype about it, but it is my fave yoyo against all the others in my humble collection.


YYF Confusion Series


Ost/art 69




Is hummingbird a 2018 release? I’m not sure. I think Magpie is though (the monometal version).

I think I’d vote for the Confusion as my favorite release this year as well… in the responsive category.

For unresponsive, a tie between Sengoku Oni and 2018 G2 Elite.


opps, definitely not 2018, my bad :joy:

(Ken) #11

Sf Yoyos bliss, Topyo selene, Turning Point mustang, Edge beyond, Turning point 44clash release yoyos.


Elite 18 is definitely an animal, no doubt, but I think right now I’m gonna go with either the Pelican 19 (released in 18, guess it counts?) or the SK. The SK kinda seemed like it was under the radar but it’s an amazing player. The P19 is my go-to right now. Sooo smooth. As far as performance goes, tho, it’s hard to argue with the elite


Yeah I’m not a SK fan, unfortunately, to me it’s just OK. Also I haven’t tried one myself, but I’ve seen some people say they vastly prefer the older Pelicans? Obviously opinions vary and all that :wink:

Anyways, Elite 2018 is way better to me than the older Elites. I love it.


I can understand why people might prefer the OG Pelican. It’s heavier- that’s pretty much the only difference. Not many people, including myself, gravitate towards heavier throws now, but some people do. But if you do, the OG Pelican is a great throw. Aside from 1g, there’s not any significant difference. Understandably everyone has their preferences but just being real here, the difference between the two is far from dramatic. The SK is what it is. I love it, but it’s not super wide, it’s not bimetal, it’s not a current trend yoyo so yeah it will probably not have the massive hype that others will. The Elite tho, is stellar. One of the only bimetals I’ll always keep


Yeah I have mixed feelings about the heavier 2018 banshee as well. It’s not a bad yoyo by any means (and you get more rim/spin power) but the “floatiness” aspect isn’t quite there.


Doc Pop Icarus and 2sick Blockade


The larger context is that yo-yos are so good these days, and so many are being released, that it’s almost impossible to single out one “best” yo-yo for 2018 :thinking:

(Joseph) #18

I think that pretty much all Yoyos that have come out in 2018 are good! (But in my opinion, all of the Yoyos from 2016 are better). :wink:


I agree with the edge beyond and the mustang, sadly I haven’t played with the mustang or seen one :frowning:


2019 will have the best yo-yos… the moose will be released :wink: