Best Yoyo of 2018?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #22

I wanted to highlight some yoyos that are still available for folks to buy. I do really like the Diffraction a lot though :smiley:

(Yiyang Wang) #23

Hummingbird was released in 2017, but it gained alot of recognition this year! Magpie is indeed released this year late August to early September. We will have our inner ring bimetal release in January most likely. :grin: My personal favorites of 2018 is the Smashing X Scales Float and the yoyofriends Magpie.

(Priyanka) #24

I think the DV888 has the perfect weight for you @codinghorror :wink::wink::wink:

(Goodnight Garrett) #25

I’m still living in 2014 so puffin 2 baby

(Joseph) #26

You’re absolutely right. :wink:

(Justin Tavares) #27

I really love the MFD Conspiracy; it’s so much fun to play with!!


I’m putting my vote in for the SF Cadence.


I recently saw someone describe the Cadence as a monometal Recess Charm and now I can’t stop thinking about that :thinking:


Edge Beyond and Alta. And DK

(SF Yoyos) #31

They’re both signature yoyos designed for the same individual at almost the same time… similarities shouldn’t be too surprising? Basically two yoyos in the same prototyping series, even. One just ended earlier.

Yoyo of the year: Quail


Bliss! (this time I double checked that this is 2018 yoyo :joy:)

(Priyanka) #33

I’m going to go with the Yoyofactory ND
Great, solid yoyo.


That one is tough, since it’s basically the same as the ND Ultra, except in a different material. When I think best of the year, I think of new designs!

(Joseph) #35

Will the inner ring bi metal be called “The Bird is the Word?”

(Yiyang Wang) #36

There are alot of other companies using bird names now so we decide to change direction to computer technology related names. :grin:

(Ronald) #37

I would have to say for me even though its a budget throw id say the topyo selene


its not released yet but i’d have to say the Wolfyoyoworks Amarok


Omnitron. Absolutely fantastic player.

(Priyanka) #40

That’s true, but I noticed a slight change in the shape.


also the piece of metal around the fingerspin cup is bigger because 6061 can’t be as thin as 7068. That’s the additional 1~2 grams. The ND feels a bit more stable, but has less of the feathery feel of the Ultra.