best yoyo for around $40?


By the way, im willing to go over $40, but anyway, what is a good throw for around that price? I was thinking about a raptor, I hear it’s really good. Also I was thinking about a severe. But, im buying from a yoyo store so they might not have EVERY yoyo, they tend to have more yoyofactory products. Also, I hear the super g is like $60 there, so I will pick that up if it’s that price. But I want a long sleeping, preferably metal (thats what I dont like about the severe) yoyo


Nearly any yoyo, with a clean bearing and thrown properly, should be able to be long enough spinning to satisfy nearly any player.

The Raptor was a yoyo I was interested in. I found at it was going to be available at Nationals in 2012, but with 2012 Nationals Caps. I couldn’t wait, I had to get it. $40 at the Duncan booth. Initially, I didn’t like it, but that’s OK. I cleaned the bearing and I was a happy person. I’ve been really pleased with this. While no frills, it’s still a good player and I’m super glad I picked one up.

For the “around $40 metal” price tag, it’s probably your best bed. Other models I recommend for that price is the Kuyo YoYo Company Trap or Trap 2013, which I think are $35 and $40 respectively. The next step is still a step down in price but not with performance. The Magic YoYo N12 should run you around $30.

I am getting mixed signals. You have a budget of $40 or up to $60? If you’re buying from a brick and mortar store, what do they have?

I’m not trying to push YYE, or maybe some other store, but if I’m on YYE, I like to push YYE’s offerings as much as possible. When I’m working with another store, I like to push that store’s product. I honestly don’t care where you buy from. I will say you must know YYE has one of the biggest selections and their prices are among the lowest.


Buying from bird in hand (national yoyo museum,also sells yoyos) but they dont sell every yoyo. And $60 because I love the super g!


I personally don’t like the Super G. Just preferences. But if they are selling it for $60, run, don’t walk, and get yourself that yoyo NOW!!!

(Ain’t nothing wrong with the Super G. Just ain’t my preference)


Good price, right! You should come to bird in hand, se the biggest yoyo, meet gentry (every Saturday) and even get a free lesson if you want. Its really fun!


Chico is 2 hours away from me, and weekends are when I do most of my work. I’ve also met Gentry.

Now, as far as needing lessons… where to begin! I could use a massive amount of help!

I also checked out Bird in Hand at Nationals 2012. I’ve also heard great stuff about their meets. Zac and Cory from Chico YoYo company are there for off-string, plus other name players are there frequently. Mega cool!


Yeah, its loads of fun! The lessons really help me on my journey on becoming #1 in the world :wink: haha but it’s a lot of fun. And before you buy the yoyos , you get to try them which is awesome because I would hate to buy a $120 yoyo and hate it in the end :confused: … It scared me at first because of how low gentry’s voice is… Haha


You’ll be happy with the raptor.


Im just buying it for fun, but I have a supernova so will it be bad compared to it? Because I want a Duncan yoyo and I hear it’s actually really good.


Yep! I got mine the other day. It’s SUPER floaty and fast. With the caps in it feels around 68 grams.