Best Yo-Yo's Today?


Hey everyone! :smiley:

I haven’t been following or kept up with the Yo-Yoing scene for the last year or so. And I want to make a yo yo purchase of a professional medium priced (40-50 EUR price range) 1A yo-yo.

But for that, I want to know what are the best yo-yo’s for you guys? Last I left, Horizon looked and felt like the thing to try and have. Still in love with it. Is it still viable among other competitive yo-yo’s? :o

Waiting for your responses! :wink:


50€?.. for me Yoyomagic Stealth! (the best bi-metal low cost)

[online store link removed]

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The Stealth looks nice. I wonder if there are any others.
Also, does the stealth have problems like the Dark Magic II where the metal and plastic difference could sometimes be the issue why it brakes? :confused:



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For me MagicYoYo stealth is the bedst yoyo in that price range , it’s super stable, long spin time, not to heavy not light… I just love it :slight_smile: great value for the money


Second person coming up with the MagicYoYo Stealth. I’ll definitely look into all of it’s reviews. Wonder if there are any others to compete with it ;o


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Skyva is good. Also the edge by yyf is extremely good and it’s not hard to grab one


the edge is very out of the budget of $ 50 … but then maybe the Space Cadet is the best choice


Yeah I know it’s out of budget just saying it’s rly good


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Same situation!!!
Two weights and two measures?!?! Ridiculous!!!


Thanks for the Skyva suggestion, looks real good. But I have YFFs Onestar and am now looking for a metal yo yo :o

Sadly the Space Cadet and Edge are well out of the price range :confused:
…With that amount I wouldn’t need to decide and could just get the Horizon AND Stealth both XD

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YYF dv888 is a great metal Throw. Stable and long spin time You can get it respsive and unresponsive…


See also Vosun Galsang and Yoyomagic Katana