Myy stealth!

Finally! It looks a lot better than I initially thought. I’m glad they got rid of the weird engraving in the cup.

I know right, the newer engraving looks awesome.
Now if I can get one…

Any idea how much they cost?

Here it’s Rp 750000-800000 which translates to $60 I guess.

I’ve looked on all the magicyoyo U.s. stores and it doesn’t sell on any of them

I think it will just take a bit before they get them… Not sure though…

A few Stealth images. Enjoying the test flight!

How is it??

It is an amazing throw. I have tested almost everything in the product line including prototypes. The balance is excellent. The finish is reminiscent to the N12 Shark which is one of my favorites. If you have enjoyed throwing the N12 then this bimetal is for you. It seems like there is extra stability in the bimetal design which gives it great handling. My recommendations may be a little one sided (work with MagicYoYo on projects).

Very short video clip of the Stealth in motion

I try one on Indonesia National, and I must say its a really stellar yoyo.
For all who still think Magic Yoyo is just a cheap brand, you should try this one out,

What bearing does it have?

It looks really nice.

$60, is good for a bimetal, and it sounds like it’s worth that. However, based on the prices of their monometals, I would’ve expected $35-45ish. I guess time will tell when it hits the US.

It’s $49

I would have thought $35-45 as well. But as they seem to be putting a little more effort into the larger yoyo world, maybe they are setting their prices differently to reflect that.

thanks for the tip! I was looking at picking one up…the 7075 bimetal seems to be a premium throw…for 49$ i might do that

7075 and bimetal for $50 is an extremely nice price. The next cheapest retail one with that combination I think is the Ex Machina at 100?

Yeah, that is a nice price. I didn’t realize it was 7075.