Best Yo-Yo

I want to know which is better so I can have a good yoyo.

they all play different. none is better

I currently have a YoYoFactory Die-Nasty but I have gotten really good at it so want a yoyo that will last for me. I like to grind, snapstart and basically do every trick they have on intermediate and advanced yoyo tricks.

die nasty can handle anything



And yeah you can do any trick with it but if you want a new yoyo just pick one that looks coolest to you they’ll all play well enough.

There is no such thing as a best yoyo, no such thing as a good yoyo.

There are only bad yoyos, and worse yoyos.
The least bad but still in a state of bad yoyo in the world is the Superyo Renegade.
get it.


So what you’re saying is there’s two types of yoyos Bad yoyos and Bad flank yoyos?

See what I did there…

fixed for ya

The Die-Nasty is more than sufficient for you.

Remember, its not the yoyo’s fault, its whoever is throwing it. A new yoyo will NOT make you any better even though you think that way.

Some exceptions would be if you got a yoyo with a media-blasted surface, if you got a mini yoyo or a wide yoyo, like the superwide. Full sized stacks also affect play , if you are into stacks.

best yoyo i ever had is the yyf chaotic. Its got a great feel to it and it has a smooth spin.

Why don’t you get a YYJ Kickside and make your mother proud?