Best yo-yo

I want to know what yo-yos do you guys like and ones you don’t like please pick one.

That list isn’t too comparable. One of them is about $60 more expensive than the rest, and another is a 4A.

First of all, move to Looking for help, recommendation.
Secondly, there is not “best” yoyo.
Thirdly, the yoyo’s you listed are completely different.
Fourthly, I need to know your preferences as choosing a yoyo is all about preference
Lastly, since you seem new to yoyoing, I shall try to make this simple:

Yoyos come in 2 different sizes (mostly) Undersized and full sized.

Undersized yoyos are usually close to 50 mm in diameter, full sized yoyos come in with at least 55m in diameter.


These days, we use un-responsive yoyos. That means they don’t come back to your hand when you tug. Most yoyos are unresponsive. Any yoyo can be responsive if you put thick lube in the bearing:

However, most beginner yoyo’s  come with heavily lubed bearings.
If you want an unresponsive yoyo, learn how to bind:

Styles of play

1A: A yoyo attached to your finger in the shape of a butterfly, string tricks
2A: 2 imperial yoyos attached to your finger on both hands, looping tricks
3A: 1A with 2 yoyos
4A: A yoyo not attached to the string but to your finger
5A: A yoyo attached to a counterweight

Any 1A yoyo can be used for 1345A with varying rates of success, however, imperial/modified shape yoyos are used for 2A

My opinion

I suggest you get a yoyo from here:

Or if you don’t want to listen to me, here are my opinions on the yoyos you chose:

New breed: Great yoyo, nice gap, good for 1,4,5A can get you to expert level, UNresponsive

Axiom: Great yoyo, all metal, ok grinds, 145A, UNresponsive

Fiesta: Good, beginning 4A yoyo

888x: HAHAHAHA, This is a high end yoyofactory. Why did you put this on here? Seriously, you’re gonna drop $100 on a yoyo? Honestly, the definition of a yoyo noob is someone who buys an 888 and walks the dog with it. It is a seriously awesome yoyo, but you don’t need to but an 888x to be good, just…don’t…or i’ll kill you.  :wink:

FHZ: A cheap plastic yoyo, but don’t let the price fool you, Tyler Severence won a contest using a FHZ, modded of course. But you should know, you did a review on one, so why are you asking if you should get one. I recommend a FHZ, great begginer yoyo.

Yes. The big PREFERENCE. And which yoyo gets the most votes isn’t going to prove anything. It just people’s preferences. Get what you like in your preferences. :wink:

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i like either the protostar the protege or the dark magic it is really peoples prefrence though

you should get one of yoyofactorys fast yoyos.

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