Best Yo-Yo for Walking The Dog?

I was wondering which Yo-Yo would be best to carry around with me to Walk The Dog? Which Yo-Yo will Walk The Dog the farthest and for the longest? And…, which Yo-Yo will last the longest under Walk The Dog conditions?

Well, if you are just trying to only walk the dog, any bearing yoyo would work, but if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, I would go for a Duncan Wheels, because they are cheap and pretty durable.

Farthest - one with rubber rims (Henrys Viper? Aquarius?)
Longest - a YYJ with Synergy caps (do they still exist?). I don’t think the yo-yo would move much though lol.

I would say that any Yoyo you don’t really like anymore.

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A Ricochet.

Any $500 titanium yoyo. :wink:

but really, just any rim-weighted yoyo that you don’t care about messing up

Your link is hosed…

Have you ever seen those yoyos with like special stainless steel or titanium rims? Some people call them bimetals? Well those were made specially for walk the dog! They put a tougher, denser material over the rims for protection, so you don’t ever have to worry when you’re walking the dog.

No . Just no. That is not the case at all. Hitting a bimetal on the ground, especially walking the dog is never a good idea. Titanium yoyos are however.

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What planet do you live on??? :wink:

Or did I just not get the joke?? ???

The yoyo tied to your finger is the best.

The Chico YYC Bulldog, of course!

I’m thinking option #2 :).

Is there a vid out there of one of the Titaniums really throwing sparks?

The bimetal thing was a joke I think! ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: