Guess wat i saw

I saw…

A girl walking the dog with a C13!

Can you believe it!!!??? i was 100% stunned. i mean walking the dog with a c13? thats disgusting! (dunno what other word to use)

maybe that was a CATCH 22

well it does scratch it up horrible but there’s nothing MORALLY wrong doing walk the dog with a high end metal yoyo

does she know how to bind

So wats the problem… If she wants to walk th metal let her do as she please’s.
I only had my DV888 a couple of hours before some one asked to walk the dog and I did it. I don’t see the big deal with non scratched yoyo’s, your going to play them and going to get a scratch one day. Your yoyo isnt going to stay mint forever.

if someone asked you to walk the dog you do something cooler like ladder escape

Yes it is! Grabs yo-yo and runs away ;D

The worst thing here is that you are jealous of it. Relax, man. Its not your yoyo, so it doesn’t effect you. Just play yoyo yourself, and have fun with it.


well… its just shoking. she walks the dog until the yoyo dies, pick it up, rewinds it and does that again

OMG if it was a catch 22 I would cut the string while she was walking the dog and grab it

How does that matter? I don’t care about dings or scratches.

I was trying to land some cross armed Eli Hops to my friends and chucked my BK across my driveway.

Anyways, the C13 is a though yoyo, probably didn’t get too dinged up.

You didn’t notice that the person had a really nice yo-yo and appreciate that fact?

Thats kind of a jerk move lol…

I try to avoid dings of course… I’ll walk a metal yoyo in grass, carpet, tile and linolem(SP?) but I’d never do it on concrete where its rougher…

And as for your original post, just feel lucky that theres another yoyoer in your area that has a C13 to ding up…

wow that sucks for the C13

That last post was pretty sexist. Girls yoyo too and some are very good at it.

I don’t really care about dings, but I’m not going to purposely scratch the heck out of my yoyo. If you do, then you obviously don’t have an appreciation for what you have. Some people don’t have enough money to eat, and here you are with a $100+ dollar yoyo just wasting it away. I’m going to straight up say this: if you are a person that purposely dings your yoyos, you shouldn’t have them. That’s my thoughts on it.

And if it was a Catch22, you would know. Sparks would be flying and the coloring on the Catch22 is different from any of the colors on the Catch13s.

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Don’t worry about it, yes i would be shocked, but i wouldn’t get bothered by it.

hey if they wanna destroy a good yoyo, thats there perogative. LOL and yes yoyos WILL NOT stay mint forever, its gonna get damaged somehow… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you want to destroy a yoyo? Apparently (as I said) you don’t value what you have if you destroy a yoyo (especially an expensive one) simply because you can or because you want to.

Or she really didnt like the shape…haha

100% agreed! And usually when someone asks me to walk the dog, I just do an arm grind and they are amazed. I tell them it is a modern day walk the dog.