Best & Worst Tricks to Miss...


There are some tricks that, when you miss them, the miss just looks so painfully obvious to everyone watching. Other tricks, you can miss, and turn it into something that appears you may have done that on purpose.

If I had to vote which trick is the most obvious when missed, I’d have to go with an Eli hop.
Oh, and for the trick that still looks good on a miss, I’d go with a trapeze, cause you can always turn that into something that makes it look like you did it on purpose anyway. Missing that never looks too bad :smiley: Sometimes, that just turns into another trick, because you miss hard enough and it’s naturally a pinwheel or something. So, you can get credit for doing a pinwheel and spin that pinwheel back around and get a second chance at what you were trying to do in the first place.

So, in other words, what tricks do you guys use on or off stage, that even if you miss, you have a plan B trick set up in your head for the miss? I’m curious what the original trick is, and if you miss, what you turn it into instead of the original trick. I bet people miss tricks all the time and just have their poker face on, and a plan B trick set up in their head so it still looks planned.

So, anyone have any they typically use?


Not much you can really do with a missed GT.



Nuclear test would cause it would be a HUGE knot.


Brent Stole.

Though I was throwing at my cousins open house for some relatives and missed a BS. They still clapped so I guess they didn’t notice ;D


True :smiley: But, would you vote that worst than the Eli Hop?


Bestis trapeze like you said, worst is ladder escape… Dear god, that trick is a knot just waitingto happen… Unless your andre, then you find out a way to fix yourself, do a bunch ofother whippy cool stuff, and finishoff the trick like you didit on purpose, all improvised right on the spot :smiley:


Worst=Magic Trick or any wrist mount trick, and the sleeper/breakaway…


Yeah, I was wondering about this, because I bet some of the game on stage is to have all these plan Bs set up in your head, and be ready to execute them on misses (combined with a poker face), that way you don’t get missed points. Even a miss will turn into a point if you play your cards right.

In other words, if you practice your routine, and occasionally have those few tricks you don’t always land…if you have plan Bs set up for the misses, you never really miss in the eyes of the judges. As Links pointed out…in everyday context, a lot of non throwing spectators cannot identify a miss anyway :smiley:


For me the worst miss in a Yoyo truck would be a sleeper especially if you don’t have a back up Yoyo. But the easiest trick to make something look good would be a 1.5 mount tricks because it’s easy to make it look like something cool.


Depends how good you are at throwing with a knot around the bearing I suppose =P



This and Ladder Escape.


Wilson made a video where he did a sweet trick out of a missed GT… May have to try and find that.


To me, missing a trick and winding up with a knot isn’t that big of a deal. I never let the string actually fall into a knot, so the worst thing that happens is I pop out of whatever triangle the knot would form from and keep going.

The worst tricks to miss are undoubtedly slacks. Nothing looks as awkward as a dangling slack just waving around, especially when one overcompensates to get them moving again and winds up overshooting the gap a second time.


I agree with everyone else but another trick that’s terrible to miss is… dramatic pause… Bottle rocket… Miss one thing and BOOM you have a knot.
The best= walk the dog.
Why? Because then you’d be like
“Oh! My dog died! It’s ok I know yoyo CPR! snap starts it’s back. Yay!”
Crowd- “yay! The dogs back!”


Eli hop you can spin into pinwheels. But suicides…


I like this!



Haha, this made my day :smiley:


Most noticable mess ups are probably in whips, slacks, maybe grinds, and anything that leaves you in a knot.


Missed GT suicides. Game over.

Been working on this trick:

That last suicide is so tough, such a small GT, and if you miss it it’s an instant wrapped up bearing, not much to do.


Boomerangs i’d say are one of the worst. I’ve hit myself pretty hard in the chest many times. And that ones kind of hard to play off.
Or the yoyo snagging on the legs of my shorts and stopping it dead.